Monday, December 28, 2009

Natalie’s 4th Birthday Party

We thought that these photos had been deleted, but joy of joys, they weren’t! Hard to believe this was two and a half years ago. Hudson was just a little bun in the oven. DSC00934 DSC00925   DSC01005 DSC00972  DSC00993DSC00975 DSC00989 DSC00967  DSC00987 DSC00984 DSC00988DSC00977 DSC00949

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas 2004 Video

These videos are a little long, but special. Wow, Natalie and Hudson are sure peas in a pod. In the first video, we had the girls open presents in their play room because our computer was in that room. Dad and Mom were watching them via webcam! Yes, I'm not crazy, you can hear me talking to mom while I'm videoing.

Christmas 2004

While trying to figure out how to get video from my camcorder onto the computer, I successfully downloaded old pictures and video from our camcorder's memory card. Macy is 2 and Natalie is 18 months and we lived in Kansas. Jon and my hair style has drastically changed- Jon's hair is now gone, and mine is past my shoulders! Gramma, recognize the quilt? This was our first (and last) gingerbread house.

Let's get rolling...

I'm starting this blog after viewing a friends, and realizing what a good way this is to keep in touch with everyone. So here you go familia, this is for YOU! Okay... and maybe it's also a way for me to brag about the kids a little. :)