Monday, February 28, 2011

Christmas Tree

2010-12-05 11.09.47

What a view! This had to be the best Christmas Tree Lot ever.  Look at Jon all manly with his saw. It took him less than two minutes to fell the tree. The tree was stunning, a concolor pine with a light blue hue and soft needles. No doubt the prettiest tree we’ve ever had. This was the first year we’ve cut a tree. In the past we’ve had a faux tree or gotten one from a store. The day was brilliant and the kids eagerly raced from tree to tree.

Lindsey is Five!

Sweet Lindsey is five. She has repeated told me, “Mom! Now I’m almost ten!”





Mom, Macy, and Natalie decorated. Aren’t the fairies hanging from the chandelier adorable?




This Halloween we jumped into our dress-up bin and rummaged around to find costumes to repurpose. We took Macy’s outfit from last year (Mary who had a little lamb), sewed together a cape, tied a few bows, and lined a basket with red satin remnant and voila, Little Red Riding Hood. Natalie paired an Indian dress with a turtle neck, leggings, a couple craft feathers for her hair, and brown suede boots- Sacagawea! Lindsey is still into all things pink and simply wore one of her ‘princess gowns’. For Hudson I popped into Goodwill and found the cutest purple dragon costume.

Unfortunately, it was drizzling rain, but that didn’t dampen our spirits. Mom rode into Rogue River with us and we walked our usual circuit going house to house. Jon caught up with us after work and we all headed to the local community Church where they had a festival going on. Games and more candy- well, let me just say it is February and just last week I threw out the rest of the candy! :)