Thursday, August 26, 2010


Macy Hagel Age 7

Natalie Hagel Age 5

Macy and Natalie drew these pictures for VBS last summer. Aren’t they great?!

How the kids describe themselves

Earlier this morning, we were sitting at the table drinking smoothies and Hudson tried to puppy dog Natalie with a huge purple mustache. She laughed and asked him to sit down little dog as he pressed in for the purple lick.

This got me to thinking what the kids called themselves when they were younger… and how it fit their personalities to a t!

Baby Tiger Natalie. We got many the look in stores when she would ask me a question that started with Mommy Tiger and I would answer her as Baby Tiger. Natalie is vivacious, loud, and always playing. She also loves water.

Kitten Lindsey. I love kittens, and this animal certainly describes Lindsey well. She loves a warm lap, wants to be petted, and rubs up against you- all on her terms. Did I mention her pink little nose? But don’t make her mad, because claws will come out!

Puppy Hudson. Little Mr. Rough and Tumble with those huge nut brown eyes that melt any heart. Hudson plays hard until he crashes- normally anywhere except his bed. He loves to roll around on the floor and occasionally drools. He has a loud bark,is known to whine, and has sharp teeth!