Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Lesson in Frustration

We started a new art program in school this year, God and the History of Art. Our very first lesson was a Lesson in Frustration. We read about Joni Eareckson Tada, and how she use makes beautiful art by drawing and painting with her mouth. This actually sounds much easier than it was to do (and it doesn't sound easy). I think the kids walked away with a big appreciation of working arms and hands, I know I did. To learn more about Joni Eareckson Tada, click here

Britt Family Night

This was our first time attending the Britt Festival's Family Night. There were stations set up for the kids to explore the various elements of music. They made pipe flutes, felt the vibrations of different sized drums, watched sound waves on a computer, and played several instruments. Mom joined us for the evening. After the kids explored the different stations we listened to a world class orchestra. It was enchanting. They broke apart the orchestra and taught the kids what each section did. There was also an amazing eleven year old girl who played the trumpet beautifully. We all loved the evening and can't wait for next year, when Lindsey will join us!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


France was amazing. Our days were filled with exploring, discovering, fellowship, and amazing food! Each night at the hotel we had a six course dinner that took two hours to eat! We visited castles, meet cowboys (guardians), got to ride a horse, watched a round-up, shopped, visited a lavender museum, went to an olive grove, sampled wine, lounged in the sun, got blown over by the Mistral, explored the Allpies (foothills of the Alps), discovered a cave, walked along a Roman aqueduct, experienced driving in France (eek!), saw Roman ruins, explored a cemetery, shopped at open air markets, found centuries old treasures, had three picnics, dug in the Word, met new friends, survived a train strike, took a boat ride in the Seine River and saw Paris by night, watched the Eiffel Tower sparkle like diamonds, learned how to properly kiss hello/goodbye in Provence, saw ice chunks in the ocean, and made it through a grueling plane ride home! It was AMAZING. Did I mention the bread? Oh the bread! And the Cheese!! When I have more time I will post pictures, but for tonight I'm going to just post one of us on our last day in Provence at our hotel.

 L-R Aunt Julie, Nana, Mom, Me