Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Me and My Little Man



I overhead Dad talking Hudson in the mirror several days ago… You look more like a Worthington than a Hagel! We finally did it, Dad- and he’s just as stubborn as a Worthington, too!

Hudson Tastes Better than Batter

 DSC01578 DSC01574

Just look at that face. Does it even matter what we made?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Short Story

Macy Hagel

Once there was a child who was playing on the beach. Just then, the tide came in! Big waves came, the child was scared. She saw no where to go. The child ran near where the people were, but she was a baby and babies can’t run so fast. Just then, a wave caught her bringing her to sea. A dog saw her being tossed by the waves. The dog jumped in the water and began swimming toward the child. Then the child went under the water and the dog went under the water, too! The dog grabbed the child and started swimming to shore. The dog had saved the child’s life! The child’s mother went to her baby. The people were amazed by the news about the brave dog.

The End.

Macy wrote this after studying the picture “Saved” by Sir Edwin Landseer. View at:


Macy Hagel

Winds are softly blowing,

Till they stop when tired.

They watch the clouds

Moving slowly away,

Till the winds blow.

The clouds slip away

When they are scared

Till the winds blow softly through.

Stop, Drop, and Roll (while covering your eyes)

Friday we toured the new firehouse / police station in Grants Pass. They gave us a thorough tour- everything was fascinating. Did you know that Jaws of Life have 42,000lbs of pressing power?

Fire station (1)

Fire station (2)