Friday, May 28, 2010


Yep, we take them, too!




Sunday, May 2, 2010

Waterfall Adventure

We had a great time last Friday, when Jon took us up the Rogue River for a family adventure. Starting out on Highway 234 we stopped at several waysides to watch the mighty (and muddy) Rogue cut its course across the land. We continued further on, reaching Shady Cove and a clear Rogue River! Around Elk Creek we stopped at a picturesque park and picnicked. There the Rogue slowed it’s flow and turned into a deep green with blue boarders. We laughed as Jon bounced us on old rickety picnic benches and watched some beautiful species of duck with their rumps high in the air as they forged for food. Macy asked me, “Mom, where’s Nature’s Playground that you said was here?” I spread my arm wide and said, “Here!” And off they all ran.  Jon and I even saw a fish jump completely out of the water. Again we piled into the car and headed to Prospect to see the much anticipated Mill Creek Falls… we were not disappointed. We hadn’t walked 2 minutes on the trail and we had the girls stop and listen to the rush of water. The fall was spectacular! We stood high on a ravine and must have looked down a hundred feet to the Rogue raging below. Back tracking we came to another trailhead: Avenue of the Boulders. Even Mill Creek Falls could not prepare us for the absolute thrill of the boulders. Class 5 rapids surge and pulse through huge boulders- complete white water. We were able to climb many boulders on the trail and what fun! At several points Jon hoisted the kids up to me and at others, we slid down the colossal rocks like slides. Jon and I took turns getting near the water. As I looked down at the white mass of foam and turbulence I knew I was safe and would not fall, yet the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and I could feel my heart beating rapidly.  One slip and you’d be through. It was an awe-some thrill! Sadly, the batteries were out in the camera, so I don’t have many pictures, and the ones I have still don’t come close to seeing this is person. We had an amazing day, and of course, it ended in ice cream. :) We can’t wait for our next adventure!


A creek coming into the Rogue River near Gold Hill.



Our picnic area on the Rogue River.


Lindsey at the picnic area.


On the path to Mill Creek Falls.


Along the path to Mill Creek Falls.


Looking up toward the Avenue of the Boulders from Mill Creek Falls.


Mill Creek Falls.


Kayaking Anyone?


Avenue of the Boulders. (just a slice)