Sunday, December 23, 2012

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

To anyone who gets snow on a regular basis during the winter, this won't seem like a big deal to them, but to us southern Oregonians who normally get a dusting to two inches, EIGHT inches of snow in one day is a big deal! My husband was unable to do his outside work, so he took the entire week off and boosted us into an early Christmas vacation. We had a blast tossing snowballs, making snow angels, and one gigantic snowman.
My brother came over and joined in the fun. Seriously, how did these two make this snowman without gloves? Brr!

Macy made Frosty a nose by rolling a ball of snow in the mud. The patches of green? That is where a creek formed from all the rain we have been getting. The downside of living at the base of a mountain!

Hudson slips and falls but still maintains his grip on Charlie, the cat. Webster, our pup, excitedly peeks on.

After Frosty was given his truffle nose and amazing beard and mustache, he looks much more like Gimli the Dwarf! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Girl Time!

I had a blast last week when four of my girlfriends and I whisked away to the big city and left our kiddos with spouses (and brothers and grandparents and friends- thanks everyone!). Our purpose was to attend an all day lecture on the wonders of a classical education applied to listening, reading, writing, and speech in your home school. I know, I know, you are so insanely jealous of our awkward notes, numb rear ends, and just the utter joy of attending an all day lecture with two men who enjoy speaking in Latin and utterly baffling us simple housewives. Let me just say this, we are dedicated home educating mothers.

I ask you: What are five unchaperoned ladies who have numb rears and good will offerings from their husbands to do? Shop, of course! And shop we did. Anthro, C&B, Pottery Barn, Williams and Sonoma, Paper Source... and the list goes on. We also had some tasty food thrown in and to top it all off, over EIGHT HOURS OF GAB TIME! We might have all had to wake up at 3am to do it, but by golly, I'd do it again! So thank you thank you to my dear friends for the invite!

#6 Girls!!! Whoot Whoot!

One good photo? Please?

Today is sunny! I grab the kids, dress them, brush hair, wipe faces, and head to the back yard to take a few good photos. Okay... let's be simply take photos! My kids are so amazing at so many things, but it is difficult to get good photos of them. I cut them some slack because I do not like having my picture taken. I had to share these adorable little 'out-takes' of my boy.
Wow, the grass has really started growing again. Slacking on lawn mowing duties, eh mom?
Is she "for reals"? Isn't a smirk close enough to a smile?

Honestly, Lady, are you STILL trying to take a photo of me?

Oh man, this is getting painful.

Okay, okay, I'll smile, but I won't look at you!

I try a different tactic and our dorky dog decides to stick out this tongue. Crouching down also shows the burn barrel. Boo. 
At this point we have literally been outside for about five minutes. Four smiles, check! Let's call it a day! :)

There you go, the four most wonderful kids in my universe.