Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm going batty!

Sunday morning. Lounging in bed. Thankful that church doesn't start until 10:30. I look up at our window covering (a beach towel) and lift it up to let the sun shine down on us. Shock, horror. It's not the sun I focus on, it's the BAT hanging directly above my head. I dropped the towel down, quickly jump out of the covers and let out a wonderfully girly, "eek!" Hubby raises up, I point and say, "Bat, bat! There's a bat!" Quiver. He jumps up, and as we head out of the bedroom I grab my camera. The kids are all in a flurry, I'm still shivering thinking about it being there, directly over my head, and Jon grabs the kids' bug catching net. Trusty ole' bug catching nets! He goes to work, quickly gets the little guy, and we release him outside. And let me just interject: 1. He didn't seem so small as I remembered bats and 2. SO thankful he wasn't flying around! After the ordeal was over, I calmly told my hero that I had known having a bat in the house would be the natural next step in our life. He laughed, "The next natural step of life?" I explained that I had heard stories over the years from my dad (who grew up in the same house we're in) about running around the house with fish nets trying to capture bats, and our time had finally come. Happily we have reached that milestone and hopefully, will never face that obstacle again. :)