Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Macy! 8!!

Wow, where did the last eight years ago?! Apparently somewhere, because now they’re gone and sweet Macy is a beautiful young lady. She had several birthday options to chose from and selected a sleepover. It’s our first slumber party, and even I had a great time! It was really fun to watch the girls interact and it felt like it wasn’t long ago that I was in her place. The girls made pizza, played, watched a Shirley Temple movie, and GIGGLED! Macy also opened their presents and presents from Natalie and Lindsey. Jon picked out a beautiful chocolate cupcake cake that looked like a sparkling pink flower- the frosting tasted like marshmallows! YUM!

Donald came the next morning- what a fabulous surprise! Macy opened her cards and gifts, we ate more chocolate cake, and then played disc golf at Tom Pierce Park. Donald also brought his room-mate down, Kelley. Donald and Kelley worked together sorting mail on their second Iraq deployments. He was really nice, and the girls loved him because he played the Wii with them. Dad took us out to dinner, Si Casa Flores, and it was yummy as ever. Macy got to wear a sombrero and half the restaurant sang Happy Birthday to her. She seemed to not notice as she devoured another piece of chocolate cake! DSC01647