Friday, September 16, 2011

Mini Room Make-over

We wanted Macy to know how much we missed her while she was at camp, so I decided to give her room a little face lift. She loves looking through the PBTeen catalog (Pottery Barn Teen). I got online, looked at several of their featured rooms, and then went to work. First, Jon got me some apple green spray paint. I actually wanted it to paint a $2 Goodwill lamp, but it wasn't QUITE the right green for the job, yet perfect for Macy's room. Jon assured me he bought apple green paint- it's the name of the color. Apparently their are different shades of apple green. :) I took some old white shadow boxes and ledge and painted them green. They really pop now on the wall. 

Then I spray painted these frames I got from my grandma white. Mom had picked up this adorable scrapbook paper for the girls a while back and I had made a little "MACY 9" banner for her birthday. I used coordinating paper for the backs and then glued on the M, A, C, Y. Eventually they'll be hung on the wall, but that's a professional Daddy job. I also gave the desk a fresh coat of white paint. 

Next we hung this over the bed. The daybed was given to us from Aunt Cath and Uncle Randy. The hanging thing was a present from Mom several years ago. The picture is a bad one, but you can get the gist of it. :)

Needless to say, Macy was thrilled. It's slowly in transition from little girl to young lady. SLOWLY.... :)

Summer Camp

Macy worked and saved and earned enough money for summer camp! She spent five days at the coast taking in God's word, playing games, swimming, eating sweets, and getting to know other campers. It was the longest she has been away from home and did a great job. She was able to borrow another camper's cell and called us several times. Here she is on one of the school buses getting ready to leave. It was quite the procession with four 12 passenger vans, two trailers, and two buses honking all the way out of the church parking lot!


Hey Lin, what type of butterfly is this?

I don't remember. It's gold.

How did you catch it?

I just found it on the ground and the wing was like that. And Web was trying to eat it and I was like, no Web.

Did you name it?

I named it Little Sweet.

A Walk

We took advantage of a break in the heat and used the Greenway several times. The girls on their scooters and me jogging along while pushing Hudson in the stroller. 

Willow Lake

We spent the day at Willow Lake with our home group. We had a great time! The kids got to fish and Lindsey even caught a little one!

Jon setting Natalie up to fish. 

Macy standing on a rock in the lake.

Lindsey and her fish. 

The peak of Mt. McLoughlin.

Hudson and Lindsey decide playing in the water is more fun than waiting for a fish to bite. 

Earlier in the day the kids swam. It was so relaxing to sit and watch.