Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hudson Turns Two!

Pirates and bilibos and trains, oh my! Hudson had a great time on his birthday, digging into the cake before the rest of us and hording his trains. We were so excited to have Papa Steve and Nana Wendy with us! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Puddle Fun

The water is flowing on the property after several days of rain. The ground is saturated and numerous streams are to be found all around the house. When the sun started to shine through the clouds we all headed out to enjoy it. The girls immediately started for the puddles, streams, and marsh areas. My grandma’s dogs were real diggers, and there are some large holes in the dog kennel. The entire kennel had water 1/2” – 1” deep, and they delighted in running through it. One of the holes is so big that when it’s dry, the girls lay down in it, and are completely hidden. Curiosity pulled them near, and as soon as I gave the okay, Natalie was mid-air diving into it. I ran to get the camera, and here’s what resulted:

Hiking at Valley of the Rogue Park

We were given a GPS device for Christmas, which inspired me to take the kids to Valley of the Rogue Park to hike- not that GPS is needed there! It’s such a beautiful park, and only 10 minutes from the house.

by the Rogue River, VRP (1)    by the Rogue River, VRP (6) by the Rogue River, VRP (9) by the Rogue River, VRP (4) by the Rogue River, VRP (7)

Christmas Caroling

We were really excited when a friend invited us to carol at two local retirement homes. Each child made seven different Christmas cards to hand out along with candy canes. The response was wonderful! Many people sang along, and everyone had enormous smiles on their faces as the kids passed out not only the cards, but hugs and their love. All the kids pictured are fellow homeschooled kids. Good job guys!


IMG_0078 IMG_0080