Sunday, June 19, 2011

Skivvy Tutorial

I know you’ve been aching to make your little boy (or husband?) a pair of adorable skivvies. My dad was so excited when I announced I was going to start potty training the boy that he went out and bought three packs of underwear for him- Cars, Thomas, and boxer-briefs. The box-briefs were my favorite. But that was last summer, and those undies are getting small. Plus, the design was on the rear and after watching Hudson spin in a circle like a puppy trying to get it’s tail to get a glimpse of Thomas, I decided to make him undies with a pattern on the front. I knew I should be able to use some old t-shirts and convert them into adorable skivvies. It was very easy. I’ve even made several pair for Lin and I love that they’re the only panties she wears now! For Hudson I went to our local Goodwill, which is an outlet and got several cute boy’s shirts.


After your pattern is cut, sew the sides and crotch. Turn underwear right-side out.


I cut strips for the waist and leg opening by measuring his waist and thigh and adding an inch.


Sew the strips together to make a loop. Then fold it over, keeping the wrong sides together.


Right sides together, pin the leg loops on to the underwear. Do the same with the waist, but add elastic, 1-2” smaller than the waist measurement.


Viola! These bad boys cost me 75 cents to make!


Hudson loves them, too. Using some thicker jersey fabric I also made him trainers with a sewn in liner to catch any accidents, and then went further and purchased some PUL fabric and made him waterproof trainers with removable inserts for nighttime. Lean times sure make you thrifty, but honestly, I think it’s ‘sew’ fun and love having projects to work on.

A Haircut

Jon said he wanted Hudson’s hair short. I complied, and it about broke my heart. Who knew I would struggle not to cry while shaving my toddler’s hair, watching his blond locks gently falling to the ground. It seemed wrong to just throw it all away (I did). Jon has had compassion, Hudson can grow the top of his hair out again, for me of course, not him. I admit, it was quick and easy. For some reason I need my toddler to look like a toddler. Last child syndrome? (I made his skivvies!)



More Wildflowers, Fruits, and A Fly

Late Spring has brought forth more beauty to our little patch of earth.



Aren’t these pretty? My Great Grandfather, Frank Worthington, brought these over as seeds from Ohio. Our own heirloom.


Plums! We did not get any last year, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that these ripen and we are able to harvest. Plum Pudding, Plum Puffs, Plum Fruit Rolls… yeah, we’re looking forward to it.


More plum beauties.


Wild Strawberries. These gems are tiny but packed with flavor. I remember the first time I tasted one of these. We lived in Wimer, I was in 5th grade. I loved to pretend I was an early settler, and came upon several strawberry plants. Oh the sweet-tart sunshine filled flavor!


Along with the good, the bad. Poison Moak, as Hudson calls it. Macy has already been to the doctor once after she had an immune response to a bad case of poison oak contracted during  Morel hunting. Lindsey is the only one who hasn’t had it. I seriously wonder if we’re gaining an immunity- Macy and Hudson and Natalie almost constantly have it, but it’s only itchy like a mosquito bite- not the usual non-stop itching madness. I never remember having a ‘mild’ case as a child, but that’s all I have had. The worst is a plant has established itself right by one of our raspberry plants!


A wild Iris (and yes, more poison oak).



We think this is a fish fly or dobson fly.


Hudson asked to have the fly on his chest, but didn’t appreciate it’s rapid ascent toward his neck.


Apples. These were so wormy last year, and didn’t grow large. Still, we had some friends over and their little girl loved the ‘fresh apples.’


Isn’t it neat how these pears grow ‘upside down’? It’s another fruit that did not mature last year, but we’re hopeful they make it. Pears are a weakness for Natalie and myself.

Herbs, Fragrant Herbs


This Chamomile is taking over! I love it’s sprawling natural look. This fall we’ll sip chamomile tea on cold nights. :)


Chives. We’re drying some to add a pop of color in potpourri. The kids, who despise onions, love to eat the tops of the chives. Go figure! 


English Lavender, Chives, Chamomile. When I transplanted these they were about a foot apart, and now they’re all intertwined. Lesson learned!


This is one of Natalie’s borage plants. We thought the first seeds didn’t make it, and planted more- we have 12 now! Little buds are forming, and soon we’ll have their edible delicate blue flowers for our culinary creations. So far I have two ways to try them. One, floating in iced tea. Two, sugared and topped on a raspberry angel food cake. 


I took this picture last week, and no kidding, the apple mint is at least a 1/3 again this size. I can’t wait to make our first batch of iced tea with it.


Our thyme is like the blob that just kept growing!

Our New Discovery: Garlic Scapes

Jon and I meander through the garden together every morning before he’s off to work. About a week ago he noticed the garlic sent forth buds that curled. They were beautiful and soon we discovered, edible. Scapes, as they’re called, are deliciously garlicky with a little less bite. I harvested 6, took them to mom’s house and she helped me whip up a mean pesto. Next in line to try- green garlic.



Hudson’s 3rd Birthday





How old are you: Lindsey has my whale and have dolphins

But how old are you: Hudson

No, not your name. How old are you: My name Hudson Bay

What’s your favorite toy: pa-chow (Lightening McQueen from Cars)

Your favorite food: Cakes

Your favorite movie: pa-chow movie (Cars)

Your favorite color: cookie color

Your favorite animals: t-rex, black animals, green animals, rhinos

Your favorite word: pirate

Your favorite song: Banana Song

Your favorite thing to do: pa-chow and boat

Your favorite dog: WEBSTER!