Monday, May 28, 2012

To all my wonderful family that have served in the Armed Forces, to friends still serving, and those I have not yet met, a big THANK YOU. You hold a special spot in our hearts.

We remember.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Annular Eclipse

I have seen several eclipses in my life, but none were as memorable as yesterday's annular eclipse. My dad suggested we have a picnic atop a local mountain, and we all eagerly agreed it was a wonderful idea. Mom even made her delicious apple dumplings. Unfortunately, slash burning was taking place on the next mountain over, so it was fairly hazy. But the views from each side of the mountain were stunning. It was also the first time we had all congregated up-top the mountain together. We set up food on dad's tailgate, sat in camping chairs, and ate and drank good stuff. It was a great time. We promised we would all get together at least once a year and picnic on our mountain. 

Natalie views the eclipse through one of Dad's welding masks.

Another lovely family portrait. *wink*

I admit I'm a little obsessed with jumping pictures. They're just so fun. 

Dad clicks his heels together!
A lizard spotted Hudson first and quickly retreated under this rock before he could get to it.

Dad spotted this beauty in the opposite lane driving back home. We stopped and jumped out to see if it was a rattler. Just a beautiful gopher snake with a hot temper. Dad got him off the road and into the safety of the grass. We like having reptiles like this around!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nature Study - Caterpillars

This year we had painted lady caterpillars shipped to our house so we could watch them metamorphosize into butterflies. As great and easy as that is, it's always just a little better to find a creeper outside. Hudson found this little beauty in the vinca.See all the pollen on the leaf? The vinca is growing under a maple tree that is in full blossom.

Soccer Soccer

Wow, where did the season go? The girls only have one more game until Super Saturday, where they will play three games. I don't know much about soccer, so I always felt a little lost when watching my friends play in high school. I am still lost, but it is definitely a different dynamic when your two sweet girls are playing. I have to admit there is a lot of (encouraging) yelling coming from the sideline! My super soccer extraordinaire friend will be in town this weekend and I plan on getting LOTS of soccer related advice! The girls are undefeated and absolutely loving being on the team. Macy is still the team cheerleader, giving hi-fives and cheering them on, but she's also started to really get in the game and get aggressive. Natalie still lives and breathes getting a goal, and has come very close to scoring two times.This was a special soccer team as my Nana was in town for Mother's Day and came to the game with my parents.

The other kids don't think watching soccer is the best ever, so pregame they burn energy playing on this structure. 

H likes to jump off everything. I think he takes after me. I loved to jump down from high things as a kid. Why is that? :)

Taking a moment to blow kisses to Mom. Aww :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Science Fair Projects

For the last several weeks a big chunk of our school focus has been on the upcoming science fair. Today the girls are putting on the last finishing touches on their project boards (Can I get a whoo-hoo!). This was not just their first science fair, but mine, too. At the start I was pretty overwhelmed (and it was my idea, oh man!), but now, on the tail end of everything, I can say that it was a lot of fun, and we will be doing this again in our own schooling. The kids have presented other school projects before, and every time it seems to become a little easier for them. Here are some cute pictures of Lindsey working on her project.