Friday, May 13, 2011

I don’t want to eat it

And I’m going to try my hardest not to smile while you take these pictures of me!





And Hudson lives through eating a bean to tell the story to future generations.

First Sprinkler Run of Spring

What a day! Hot and the kids are wilting away. A good run in the sprinkler always helps rejuvenate them… as does a popsicle!


I’m a blur. My name is speed.


Yes, occasionally I walk on air.


Lindsey. Isn’t she growing up?


Who says white girls can’t jump? Timing… well, that’s another story.


Wait, what? Are we trying again?

Evans Creek Adventure ala Gunkle

Donald surprised us and showed up at our doorstep Wednesday morning! Donald isn’t just a beloved brother, he’s also my play fellow. He dislikes staying indoors even more than I do, and we all love romping about with him. Yesterday we ventured out for lunch, and decided to take the scenic way into town. For a good part of the trek the road closely follows the creek. Donald has always been the adventurer, plus, being a Worthington, we like to give ‘guided tours’ whenever we travel. As we went along he told us fun tales and interesting facts and all the places he used to frequent. We approached an old campground that he used to fish and swim at, so I pulled in wanting to experience it ourselves. Now, the only way you know this is a campground is that there is a very rugged old forestry sign that reads “14 day limit” high in a tree. We got out and hiked a little. Oregon is such a wonderful place, so diverse. As of late, I have been day-dreaming quite frequently of France, and was again reminded of the bounty and beauty surrounding us!


Donald, Hudson, Macy, Lindsey, & Natalie




Of course Natalie’s shoes came off very quickly.


She’s so tall!


Down the trail looking for the dam.


Macy found these wild violets. If I had a spade I would have been so tempted to dig up several plants!


Flip flops are not good hiking attire, but do clean off easily in water! EW.


Donald helping Lindsey into the middle of the creek. Macy and Natalie jumped it. Hagel-Worthington Adventure Club