Pictures from France. I have SO many, but here is a sampling (and totally out of order!).

The Alpies. (Foothills of the Alps) Julie and I hiked/scaled these!

(Julie and Me in front of Norte Dame)

Julie in Gordes. We were running up and down these little streets as we only had about 15 minutes to explore! Gordes is considered one of the most beautiful villages in France. 

Me, Nana, Mom, and Julie at the Olive grove, sitting on a centuries old wall.

These fruits were HUGE!

A 3,000 year old Olive tree from Spain at the Roman Aqueduct, Pont Du Gard.

Mom and Me at the Roman Aqueduct, Pont Du Gard. This aquaduct was originally 26 miles long!

Inside a castle in Gordes.

Inside the Roman Catholic Church in St. Remy de Provence.

A view from the Papal Palace in Avignon (Palace of the Pope). 

A view from the Papal Palace in Avignon (Palace of the Pope).

A beautiful fountain in St. Remy de Provence. I believe the placard said something about Nostradamus. We also saw the house he grew up in. 

The unfinished bridge that doesn't cross the Rhone River in Avignon.

The entrance to our hotel! So beautiful.

Four Guardians (cowboys) in Caramague.

Caramague's famous wild black bulls. 

Our darling Guardian who let us ride his horse. These horses take four years to train and will only ever obey the person that trained them. 

Best cafe au lait of my existance! MMM 

The Seine River in Paris. Can you barely see the locks on the railing? Each lock is for a married couple. If Jon and I ever go back we are putting a lock on. Most of the railing was completely covered. So cool. 

Notre Dame from behind.

We took a night cruise down the Seine River in Paris. 

Julie on the Van Gogh Walk (Click here to see how Van Gogh captured the essence of the trees in his paintings). 

Not ones to stay on the trail, I discovered this cool cave near the Van Gogh walk. Yeah, we totally hiked down and explored it. Super cool, with shell fossils on the ceiling.

Julie found this centuries old key in the olive grove, and Andre, our guide (and owner of the grove) let her keep it! Later we all bought antique keys at the flea market. 

The view from our hotel room. 

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  1. Hey Sweetie - Good job with the pics!

    We really did have a great time... how did we fit all that in? And, how is it that the days blew by so quickly? :)

    (... and WHERE can we find coffee that tastes that good?!!) Mom