Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Halloween 2013

Halloween was great. Since my husband was in class that night, my brother went out with us. The kids absolutely adore him and were thrilled that he was there, as was I. This was our second year with him- a tradition in the making? 
Natalie was a 80's girl. We had so much fun putting this outfit together! The earrings were classics from my mom's jewelry stash- straight from the 90's (eh, close enough!). The crimper we used? My Conair crimper from 3rd grade! I can't believe I still own it, let alone that it still works!

I snagged treat bags last year from Pottery Barn Kids, but Natalie's didn't work well with her outfit. After a quick Pinterest search I found boombox messenger bags! A quick run to the fabric store, a little clipping, pinning, and sewing, and viola! Boombox treat bag! Remember friendship bracelets? They have made a comeback, and Natalie made all these on her wrist.

When we were in Disneyland last year there were girls dressed up as pinatas in one of the parades. I fell in love, and knew one of the girls must be a pinata this year! Lindsey was more than happy to be my guinea pig. I took some old shirts from my dad that were destined to be rags, and used them as the base for the dress. We used what crepe paper we had left over from birthdays past, and this is the result! I was nervous that most people wouldn't know what she was, but she was the talk of all the people we met. As we were walking back to the car at the end of the night she asked, "Mommy? Am I going to be in a magazine?" "I don't think so, honey. Why do you ask?" "Because everyone we saw said how cute I am." Well said. 

Macy HAD to be a peacock, there were no other options. I love a girl who knows her mind! We made a simple tail and headpiece out of felt, and this came together well. She felt beautiful and regal without looking too little girlish (my first suggestion was to make a tu-tu, it was quickly turned down). 

I think Hudson was also a shark last year. The costume still fit and most importantly, it was WARM! He loved that it was scary, me that it wasn't too scary. :) It's hard to tell, but his treat bag was a shark head. 
And one full length for the full effect.

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