Monday, February 24, 2014

Wood Nymphs

Spurred on from a mystery book I read during school time,  we ate a picnic lunch we chatted of Greek and Roman mythology, of gods and goddesses. Natalie formed a wreath out of ivy vines and old man's beard, and placed it upon her head like the delicate treasure it was. I announced they would have an extra long recess and could roam about as wood nymphs, enjoying the splendor of the day. (Here my friends with more boys than girls snicker, but in our house, this lingo flows naturally. Perhaps you spend your free time as Neptune and Zeus?) A little while later I peered out the window to see Lindsey floating by holding a bouquet of tiny white flowers, her blond mane whisping behind her, the lace trim on her dress bouncing. Enchanted, I grabbed my camera.

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